Alt-Right Fake News Strikes Again

New York tech company Tekoso Media targeted by alt-right smear campaign from Youtubers and bloggers

As if the hordes of fake news, disinformative memes and conspiracy theories coming from the alt-right wasn’t already bad enough, some bloggers are now resorting to fake news as a revenge tactic in what seems to be a smear campaign against small New York tech company Tekoso Media.

The most recent meme I ran across that caught my eye was one that didn’t make any sense considering the facts about Trump’s recent visit to Texas in the aftermath of Hurrican Harvey. A doctored photo being shared as real by Trump followers on Facebook, which was picked up by HuffPo. Grabbing pussies clearly was the joke behind the original intent of the meme, but when it comes to the intelligence level of the average Trump fan, you’re not dealing with a full deck.

This attack against Tekoso Media, however, was in response to a DMCA take-down request made by the company against people apparently using an image created by Tekoso without permission. In a DMCA takedown request, the copyright owner must give their contact information to those they are making the request to, and it looks like those people started posting that contact information online, along with articles and videos claiming that the DMCA request was fraudulent and that Tekoso Media was a shell company run by the Democratic Party. The company, however, says that nothing could be further form the truth.

The company, in a series of statements, said that they were compiling data for a libel lawsuit expected to be filed this year.  However, the smear campaign happened a few months ago and the topic has generally been dropped by the perpetrators, the original videos and articles being removed from their respective websites.





I Don’t Get The Donald Trump Naked Statue Thing

Yesterday, a bunch of statues of Donald Trump naked appeared across the United States in major cities. I’ve seen some political art in my time, but I never expected to see something like this…. a life sized replica of one of the most hated presidential candidates in history in the nude (and apparently without testicles… something that I can’t unsee…) and on display for the public in city parks across America. It’s just… weird.

But the more I think about it, the more it seems like rather good art. At first, my reaction was one of disgust and humor, but it quickly turned to disappointment in the artist for doing something as easy and unthoughtful as body shaming a fat guy with a small, uh, unit. People already make fun of Trump for his hair, his small hands and his orange skin.

The Day Anna Kendrick Plays A Superhero Is The Day We Reach Heaven On Earth

Anna Kendrick is quite possibly the hottest young actress in Hollywood. For comic book fans, to see her play Squirrel Girl would be more than just a fantasy come true, it’d be an epic event.

Kendrick got her claim to fame when she was partnered with George Clooney in Up In The Air, a movie about two business people who frequently run into each other at airports and fall in love, playing a young whipper-snapper protege of Clooney’s character. After that, her biggest teen movie was Pitch Perfect, which featured a sexy shower scene and lots of singing Anna. When I first found out about her as a singer, I was instantly hooked. She has a great voice! And she’s most likely going to go far in her musical career, just as she has in her acting. She was also in the Twilight saga (all three movies!) and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

And she’s managed to do more than just teen roles. She’s also done a more twenty-something role in Drinking Buddies, the Cinderella remake Into The Woods with Meryl Streep, and also a movie about a former Weather Underground activist called The Company You Keep. These various roles show her versatility as an actress, so I think I can speak for everybody when I say she’d make a fine superhero.

Kendrick was unfortunate to have been one of the many victims of the celebrity icloud leak, known online as “The Fappening”, but all the images found within the archive of her are fortunately not nudes. She’s basically seen partying and acting sexy, which is what most young actresses do, so no harm no foul. However, one images was of her smoking a marijuana cigarette, so that was a tad controversial, but the controversy didn’t last long.

While she’s an amazing singer, Anna Kendrick is also quite the talented lip syncer as well. She showed up on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle armed with her most ferocious lip syncing skills and swept the floor with her opponent, John Krasinski (although, to be fair, John’s performance was pretty spectacular as well!).  In fact, while the song she “sang” wasn’t as widely known as Emily Blunt’s pick (Another Little Piece of My Heart), she danced her heart out and made it look easy. It just goes to show that she’s more than just an actress, she’s an all-out performer that deserves the credit she gets!

Today we celebrate Anna Kendrick’s 31st birthday. Can you believe it? A Leo woman who doesn’t look a day over 18 and is now on top of the world. You go, girl!

I Miss Giant George

If you don’t remember Giant George, you don’t remember 2011. This dog was beyond big, it was the type of dog that you didn’t want to bring into a china shop, cuz he could do more damage than a bull. But he was also one the friendliest dogs you would ever meet, and multiple media appearances can attest to that. This dog was more than just a dog, he was a media sensation and an icon to dog lovers everywhere.

In 2010, the seven-foot tall great dane was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest dog ever recorded, but according to the owners and people who knew him, Giant George may have also been the friendliest dog ever as well. He was picked from a litter in Oregon when he was just seven weeks old because he was obviously standing out of the group as the runt. Runts tend to be special dogs, we all know that. But who knew a dog would actually have his own fifteen minutes of fame?! He even made it to the Oprah Winfrey show before he died.

Great Danes tend to have very sensitive stomachs, so Giant George ate the same meal every day, which consisted of yogurt, chicken, dog food and rice, and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it. This dog was more than just a best friend, he was a saint within an animal’s body. Some people say it’s too bad that the owners exploited him for fame and fortune, but the truth is they loved this dog so much, it was more than just another pet in the house, he was part of their very loving family.

The owner Dave Nasser did write a book about the dog, however. It’s currently being sold on Amazon for about 10 bucks. If you remember this amazingly beautiful and friendly dog, I highly recommend it, worth every penny! I bought the book and learned quite a bit about him and Great Danes in general. Great Danes really are almost like humans, the way they act and the personalities that they develop. When you think of a best friend, sometimes it’s hard to believe that an animal like a dog could be something special to you, but when they are large and can’t fully take care of themselves, you want to lend a helping hand, it’s only natural. Something that will surprise you about Great Danes is that, although they are very large, they still think they are tiny.